The Literacy Council of Garland County (LCGC) was established in 1984, since then we have been offering one-on- one tutoring and more recently small group classes. Our devoted tutors help students learn English and improve their reading and writing skills. Our focus is to help members of our community enrich their lives through education. When we come together and help each other, our entire community benefits.


Literacy Rates in Arkansas

It is estimated that out of the approximately 80,000 residents who live in  Garland County about 10,000 are considered functionally illiterate; which means they do not posses the skills to get through daily life. These adults may not be able to read a newspaper, prescription bottle or help their child with homework. 


What can you do to help?  

Become a tutor give someone the gift of your time and help them open doors and create new opportunities with just one-two hours per week.